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To: Waka Kotahi

Liberate The Lane!

Bike Auckland

We request Waka Kotahi to liberate a lane on the Harbour Bridge for cycling in a three-month trial this summer.

Why is this important?

We ask Waka Kotahi to hear our dismay that years of promises about a Skypath have come to nothing at all.

We ask Waka Kotahi to understand that it would be irresponsible to wait years, when a swift conversion is possible, simply by better using the available space.

We ask Waka Kotahi to give us the chance to cycle across the Bridge and show what is possible.

We ask Waka Kotahi to understand that cross harbour ferry services are swamped at peak hours with bikes and e-scooters, and are not suitable to cope with future demand as micro-mobility continues to grow.

We ask Waka Kotahi to look across the city and recognise how many Aucklanders are turning to bikes as the better, healthier, more responsible transport option.

We ask Waka Kotahi to look upon the map of existing and planned cycling routes that will soon connect the entire city in a giant ring, and consider how critical a link the Harbour Bridge is to unlocking an entire alternative transport network.

We ask Waka Kotahi to recognise that delivering this critical link is a matter of urgency, due to climate catastrophe. It’s time to give Aucklanders more transport choice, with better low carbon options.

We ask Waka Kotahi to see the shape of the future and open the Bridge to a trial cycle lane this summer.

Auckland, New Zealand

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