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To: Garden plant retailers

Let's limit single-use plastic plant pots

We want retailers to limit the amount of seedlings and plants being sold in single use plastic plant pots and allow their customers to have the option to buy in eco-friendly biodegradable options.

Why is this important?

If we're banning single use plastic bags why not plastic pots?

By growing our own vegetables, fruit and plants we are trying to be more eco-conscious, sustainable and enjoy their benefits - but polluting the environment with plastic waste to do so, does not make sense.

One plastics recycling drive by gardening stores in the USA brought in 4.5 tonnes of plastic in each store! [1]

While we appreciate that some keen gardeners reuse their plastic pots, most will end up in landfills - this is because many recycling centres do not accept them.

There are smaller independent retailers who sell in biodegradable pots which shows it can be done.
Many larger retailers are hesitant to change, it's up to us to demand it.

We need non-plastic options so we can choose the way we buy our seedlings and plants!

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Chief Executive of the NZ Plant Producers Incorporated

New Zealand

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