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To: The Mayor and Councillors of Hamilton City Council

Keep Kirikiriroa Hamilton Beautiful

Keep Kirikiriroa Hamilton Beautiful

I am signing this petition to show support for the issues outlined below, to be a priority in the 2018-28 10 Year Plan.

*Postal addresses are required by (and will be shared with) the Hamilton City Council for the petition to officially accepted, by showing you are a resident of Hamilton.

1. Cycling:
For a liveable city we need to reduce traffic congestion and its associated impacts. We want the Biking Plan to be a priority in the 10 Year Plan and ask for funding to be brought forward so work can be completed earlier on key cycleways such as school links and citywide connectivity .
As part of prioritising alternative transport, we do not support introducing a shared road or more parking in Garden Place.

2. Waste:
We support the proposed increases to kerbside recycling collection and would also like full recycling to be available at all Hamilton City Council facilities, parks and events.

3) Nature:
We too want a “Great River City" that embraces its natural environment. We support the proposed opening and funding of Waiwhakareke natural heritage park. We also request further investment in our biodiversity, carbon sinks and public spaces with funding allocated to the Gully Restoration Program and Gully Development Plan.

Why is this important?

We want to protect our environment from future damage to land, water, air and soil as well as restoring damage already done.
We believe it is our responsibility for future generations to ensure we leave our environment better than we received it.
A clean green Kirikiriroa isn't just about the environment it is also about well-being of people, communities and has an economic benefit as well.

How it will be delivered

Go Eco will use this petition to show support from the community for our full submission made to the Hamilton City Council as part of the 10 Year Plan submissions and hearings. This submission will be available on our website closer to the time of submission.

Please take the time to read the consultation document on the Hamilton City Council website and make a submission.

Hamilton, New Zealand

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