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To: Hurunui District Council

Climate Change Emergency

Climate Change Emergency

Dear Mayor Dalley and Councillors,
We would like you to declare a Climate Emergency and to add your signatures to the local government declaration of climate emergency. We have noticed that you have not signed this while many other local governments have. We think it is an important step in facing this serious, global issue as a community and country together. In 10-12 years time it will be our generation, your children and grandchildren that will be carrying this burden of responsibility and dealing with the damage. We are asking you to help us.

Why is this important?

This is an important issue our district needs to be behind, because the weight of scientific evidence tells us that we only have a window of 10-12 years before the effects of climate change become irreversible. Climate change is causing the loss of biodiversity and is having a significant impact globally and on us here in the Hurunui. Lots of SH 1, within the Hurunui is at sea level. In the near future it will be under water. Our small, rural towns such as Amberley, Gore Bay, Leithfield are located dangerously close to the present sea level. This is going to affect family incomes, water supplies and current housing development.
Droughts and flooding will become a more frequent issue that will impact many of our local farmers and threaten the viability of farming. Our local economy relies heavily on farming and agriculture. Farmers have already been affected by climate change, so if we are going to do something we need to start now. Recognizing a climate change emergency and signing the Local Government Leaders Climate Change Declaration Act would be the best start.

Hurunui, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • We cant put this in the too hard basket.
  • Guess we need to get on to it
  • Public statements by our community leaders are important in acknowledging the problem so we can act on it together.


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