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To: Far North District Council

He Piriti Hīkoi ki Kāeo - Install a Pedestrian Footbridge in Kāeo

The Whangaroa Community Trust along with the residents undersigned make a petition the Far North District Council plan and construct with urgency a footbridge across Waikare Stream, in the centre of Kāeo township.

The Kāeo community needs a safer footbridge in the township for pedestrians to access local community facilities, schools, places of work and local businesses.

Why is this important?

The existing foot bridge is unsafe and a hazardous route for pedestrians to use. The existing bridge is too narrow and presents a danger for tamariki, kaumatua and kuia when traffic is going over the bridge at the same time. The current bridge has no provisions for wheelchairs, that simply do not fit (on the narrow pedestrian strips).

Parents with strollers are also challenged by the existing bridges insufficient space for pedestrian users. With future upgrade of State Highway 10 Kāeo Bridge to two-lanes, the volume and frequency of traffic and trucks using the bridge will increase. It is therefore imperative a new footbridge is planned now and constructed before an accident occurs.

Kaeo, New Zealand

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