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To: Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council- declare a climate emergency!

Hamilton City Council- declare a climate emergency!

We would like the Hamilton City Council to declare a climate emergency so that urgency is taken when making climate action.

Our Climate is in a state of emergency because we have failed to act upon the warnings that science has given us for over 40 years and the council needs to recognise this. Declaring a Climate Emergency would send a message to society that now is the time to act and therefore ensure current and future generations have a place to live in the years to come. The current plan put in place by the government isn't good enough. 2050 is too late. 2025 may even be too late unless we start taking action right now.

Why is this important?

Declaring a climate emergency is essential if we wish to survive. The effects of climate change are already becoming evident in our everyday lives with the rising sea-levels, higher temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events such as flooding and droughts and the change in the rainfall patterns (more summer rainfall for North Island, and more winter rainfall for South Island.) This has a huge impact on biodiversity in New Zealand, our Agricultural businesses such as Dairy Farming and Fruit and Vegetable farming and also effects average household and business costs causing our economy to fluctuate. It is likely that Climate Change will kill us, sooner than you may think. And it's not just us. It's every single living thing on this earth. Everything will be at risk causing a Mass Extinction of millions of species. It will be like what happened to the dinosaurs but slow, painful and a heck of a lot worse. Declaring a Climate emergency now will safeguard a future for your children, grandchildren and many future generations to come.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered to the Hamilton City Council on the 20th of June at a public forum before the Hamilton City Council goes away to deliberate whether Hamilton will declare a Climate Emergency or not. Show them how much you care!

Hamilton, New Zealand

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