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To: Associate Transport Minister, Julie Anne Genter

Give me room - a campaign for a safe passing rule

Introduce a safe passing rule, to protect people on bikes and others.
A safe passing rule was recommended by the NZ Cycle Safety Panel in 2014. Safe passing rules are common in Europe, the US, and most Australian states. They also protect people on foot, law enforcement and road workers.
Why are we waiting?

Why is this important?

Close passing is intimidating, dangerous, and in the worst cases life threatening for people on bikes and foot.
The NZ Road Code recommends 1.5m: “Give cyclists plenty of room when passing them. Ideally, allow at least 1.5 metres between you and the cyclist”, but this lacks the force of law.
Bike lanes are great but they don't go everywhere. People on bikes need the protection of the law.
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Safe Passing Rule FAQ at


2018-10-26 14:05:48 +1300

News stories about cycling can trigger some people to harrass people on bikes. That's not ok. Clickbait stories have real-world consequences.
"Behaviour of cyclists on our roads under fire"
A safe passing law will help us have a more positive conversation about safe driving and cycling. As we pass 2000 signatures, I want to thank for your support. Please ask your friends to sign the CAN petition for a safe passing law.
Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network

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