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To: Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Extend the FREE Bus trial for kids across the whole BOP seven days a week

Extend the FREE Bus trial for kids across the whole BOP seven days a week

We want Bay Of Plenty Regional Council to extend the trial for free school buses to include the whole Bay of Plenty Region, and make it for all hours and weekends.

Let’s give our large families the opportunity to get around to the beach to the park to the sports field together. Let’s give our youth the freedom to explore and get used to using public transport and support a generation of kids who are not car (or mum) dependent. Lets be serious about the climate emergency.

And lets fill up those empty buses running around our communities.

Why is this important?

Extending the free children’s school bus fares trial to all buses at all times, including weekends, is one of the cheapest ways for Bay of Plenty Regional Council to get more people onto the buses and to reduce carbon emissions.

The Council said it would only cost $167,000 per year (lost revenue) to extend the trial and make all buses free for kids across Tauranga and the Western Bay. (We do not have figures for extending the area covered to include the whole Bay Of Plenty but similar logic applies) This is only a couple of bucks a year per household, however it won’t end up costing a cent if the free children’s fares attract another 600 adult trips per week. That is quite possible, as more parents and grandparents will be able to afford to take the bus with their families.

How it will be delivered

Please share this petition with all your friends and family, school communities and work mates. Don't forget to write a comment when you sign, and we will make sure that all of these are presented with the petition.

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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