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To: Hamilton City Council

Recycle All Plastic HCC

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Troy & Hemi May Kelly
Recycle All Plastic HCC

We want Hamilton City Council to commit to collecting all plastics, 1 thru 7, as part of the kerbside recycling collection service.

Please sign to show your support - postal addresses are required by (and will be shared with) the Hamilton City Council for the petition to officially accepted, by showing you are a resident of Hamilton.

If you are not a resident but want to show support please also sign!

Why is this important?

We want to protect the whenua and make the most of the resources that we have. All plastics are given numbers by the companies that create them. Currently, only plastics 1 and 2 are collected at kerbside in Hamilton. We don't like sending our yogurt pots and other similar plastics to landfill. We would like plastics 1-7 to be collected at kerbside for recycling. There are so many awesome products that this plastic can be used for, including carpet and outdoor furniture.

There are tons of benefits to recycling plastic. It stops the need for as much new plastic production, it stops plastics from ending up in our environment, especially the marine environment, and it stops plastics from being put in landfill where they last for a very long time causing environmental damage.

Hamilton City Council's current recycling contract commenced in 2002 and there were limited options for recycling more than plastics 1s and 2s. This contract is now up for review, which is why this is the time to call for these changes. Auckland and Christchurch Councils recycle Plastics 1-7, so we think Hamilton City can too!!

Under the current service, 27 per cent our city’s household rubbish is recycled; the remaining 73 per cent goes to landfill. We don't think this is good enough and we would like to be able to do more to protect our environment. Please extend the recycling of plastics in our city.

How it will be delivered

Deliver them in person to Hamilton City Council as a submission this October/November. Postal addresses are required by (and will be shared with) the Council for the petition to officially accepted, by showing you are a resident of Hamilton.

If you are not a resident but want to show support please also sign!

Hamilton City, Waikato, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • For Hamilton can u please put a soft plastic bin collecting for kerbside cause plastic kills sealife and also say no to plastic straws and use paper straws and change plastic bin liners to compostable bin liners.Allan
  • To avoid 3 and up from going to landfill. If it can't be recycled it shouldn't be sold!
  • I believe other Councils collect all plastics numbered 1 o 7 so Hamilton City Council should be able to do the same.


2017-12-12 21:36:27 +1300

On Tuesday December 5th, we presented our petition to Council. Over 1000 of us made the call for HCC to Recycle All Plastics, 1 through 7. After receiving the petition, Council voted to review what it would cost Waste Management (the current contractor) to collect plastics 1-7 NOW! Council staff will detail the costs of this action at the next Growth and Infrastructure Meeting, 9.30am on the 20th of February 2018. Book this date in your diary now - we will need to pack the galleries again! Well done team, we got good action happening! And for further good news, the Council has proposed a comprehensive kerbside collection as part of their Draft Ten Year Plan. Zero Waste Kirikiriroa - here we come!

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