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To: Anyone who uses the water in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui

Eliminate the $20 Daily Boat Ramp Parking charge in Tauranga

This campaign has ended.

I'm a resident of Tauranga who fishes to feed my family. The recent imposition of a $20 daily charge for using the boat ramps in our area will add an unnecessary burden to this essential activity. Fishing, which used to cost me less than that amount in gas and bait, will now become significantly more expensive. This additional expense will be discouraging to many from accessing and enjoying our waters.

The boat ramps are vital community resources that are already been paid for by our rates. They are frequented by diverse groups within our community, from recreational fishers like myself to water sports enthusiasts and commuters to near islands.

We urge the local authorities of Tauranga to reconsider this decision and eliminate the $20 daily boat ramp paking charges. This action will ensure fair access for all residents while supporting local economic activities related to marine recreation.

Why is this important?

The price of using the ramps to access the water is already payed for in our rates and we live here to use its natural resources we should bet need to pay to go out and enjoy the water.
Tauranga, New Zealand

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