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To: The New Zealand Government

Declare a climate emergency

Declare a climate emergency

We ask you to declare a climate change emergency on a national level.

Why is this important?

Climate breakdown is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. We need united action from our political leaders to acknowledge and address this challenge to be able to transition our economic system to one that nurtures the planet, and not destroys it.

By declaring a climate emergency we can ensure necessary changes are moved up the priority list and actions taken in time to turn the tide on what will otherwise be inevitable disaster for our planet.

Sign this petition to urge the Government to urgently declare a climate emergency and allocate resources and get on with the work needed to protect our future.

Donate a lunchtime

In addition, if you are the thousands of people who work in the Wellington CBD, you can help in another way. Join the lunchtime vigil whenever you can!

Every lunchtime, every day of the week, stand together in silent vigil in front of the Beehive on the lawn, even just for a few minutes of your time. No megaphones, no chanting, no disruption, just a show of force in numbers for the benefit of future generations.

Wellington NZ

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