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To: The Prime Minister, Minister of Transport

Bring In Subsidies to Encourage Lower Emission Vehicle Purchases

Bring In Subsidies to Encourage Lower Emission Vehicle Purchases

We would like to express our support for the proposed changes to the taxes on vehicles in New Zealand. We would like to see a subsidy on smaller, lower emission vehicles, and an increase in tax on larger, higher emission vehicles.

We would like to see the changes before the next election, not a campaign promise that never pans out.

Why is this important?

This is an important issue as it affects all New Zealanders and will continue to affect New Zealanders for many years. If we can reduce the initial price of changing to a more efficient vehicle more New Zealanders will buy them.

As a result, New Zeland will have lower private vehicle emissions. As well as later model car ownership.

These changes will benefit all New Zealanders as it will help us to meet UN goals for sustainability and also bring us into the future as more people will have electric/ hybrid vehicles and this will create a demand for more charging stations, which will make electric vehicle ownership even easier and more realistic.

The changes should be made with inequalities that could result in mind and where possible making changes create equality as well as improve emissions.


2019-11-11 21:23:53 +1300

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