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To: Metlink

Bring Back our Bus

Bring Back our Bus

During the Wellington bus service redesign, the bus route changed and our bus stop ceased being a bus stop. We would like to reinstate the bus service by the Te Korowai Whariki: in Porirua on Farm Road and Raiha Street.

Why is this important?

People at Te Korowai Whariki (Mental Health Rehab Service) are trying to get back their independence and need a bus to get into town to do shopping and visit the library. A few months ago our bus service into the centre was cancelled and people no longer had easy access to the Porirua shopping area and all the other resources that others take for granted. Most patients on the ward don't have a car.

People who are wanting to bring their grocery shopping back to the unit now have to walk. It takes about 30 minutes without groceries. WITH groceries it is near impossible.

"I used to be able to get my groceries no problem... but now I no longer can and am forced to get a taxi or catch a ride with somebody."

"We are struggling to rehabilitate and this only adds another barrier to this."

Also, people working for the service no longer have the option of catching a bus.

"I'd much rather catch public transport than use a car, now I no longer have that option."

Once this petition is resolved we can then begin to think about a campaign to change this frustrating new bus system in the wider Wellington region.

How it will be delivered

Email or possibly in person.

Porirua, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • peoples independence and there is a need for this bus service.
  • good cause
  • Because I need to catch the bus to bring my groceries back from the supermarket.


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