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To: Minister of Justice Hon. Kris Faafoi

Ban the Sale of Nazi Memorabilia

Make the sale and display of Nazi memorabilia illegal

Why is this important?

No matter where we were born, the colour of our skin or our religious beliefs we all deserve to live in peace with our families and feel safe here in Aotearoa. But right now, there is an increase in white supremacy and it undermines all of our peace and safety.

Nazi symbols are often used by white supremacists to make known their discriminatory views, and can cause harm to both survivors of the World War II and other minority groups.

One of the places profiting from the demand for Nazi memorabilia is Lipscombe Auction House in Nelson who has just held another auction that included the sale of Nazi Memorabilia. This isn't the first time they have auctioned Nazi memorabilia, previously a small group of Nelson residents protested the sale, including those leading this campaign, and were physically ejected from the auction. This time the auction was held online so those bidding were hidden.

Situations like this show we need a change in the legislation, as we unfortunately cannot rely on people’s common decency to not sell and distribute Nazi memorabilia. The last auction was held a week before Anzac Day and on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.[1]

In a country who aspires to peace and care for all its residents, there is no place for the hateful symbols of Nazi Germany.

The sale of Nazi memorabilia is banned in a number of countries including France, Sweden, Brazil, and Germany where the symbols are considered to be ‘anti-constitutional’.

While the sale of Nazi memorabilia is not illegal in NZ, some organisations include auction sites such as TradeMe and eBay do not allow the trade in such items. However, we think that the issue requires national regulation, and it should not just sit with the decisions of private organisations. We believe that the government should introduce a ban on Nazi memorabilia.

By coming together and calling for a ban on the sale and display of Nazi symbols, we can help put Aotearoa on a path towards a future free of discrimination and fear.



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