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To: House of Representatives

Ban semiautomatic weapons

Ban semiautomatic weapons

Ban all semiautomatic firearms, and large-capacity magazines.

Why is this important?

It was a dark day in Christchurch. Innocent Muslim New Zealanders were gunned down in a place of prayer.

High-capacity magazines make it much easier to conduct mass killings. The weapons used in this attack were exactly the type of weapon that police have been asking for greater control over. [1]

We call upon the parliament to immediately take steps to legislate against the sale and possession of all semi-automatic weapons for private use.

Other weapons designed for harm such as high capacity clips, military hardware ordnance, pump action pistols should also be banned.

These weapons of war have no place in the hands of private citizens. They are not toys. They are designed explicitly for taking human lives.

We call upon the NZ Parliament to take action.

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Reasons for signing

  • There is absolutely no need for these weapons in NZ
  • There is no need for semiautomatic weapons in this country only the military or police should have access to these weapons.
  • I'm a farmer, hunter and local Predator Free NZ organiser. I've grown up with guns and use them most days. I have long argued that outside of the military there is no reason for semi-auto weapons in this country. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons were designed for killing people and have no place in civilian life.


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