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To: New Zealand Government and Auckland Council



Legislate for a nationwide ban of landfills near waterways.

Why is this important?

We believe that water is the most precious resource our country has and that landfills pose a significant threat to our water quality. We believe there are alternative locations and technologies. Waste buried in landfills can include plastics and potentially hazardous and toxic materials which could devastate waterways, rivers and harbours, the animals that inhabit them, and the people that rely on them. Would you drink water from an aquifer under a landfill or eat fish from a contaminated harbour? Protect our water from landfills.

This petition will be used as part of a presentation to be made in front of the Environment Select Committee to ban landfills near waterways in New Zealand. This is part of a campaign by Fight the Tip, Tiaki te Whenua Incorporated.

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Reasons for signing

  • Bc it’s one of the most important things u can do
  • Water is life 💦


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