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To: The Prime Minister

Appoint a Minister for Rainbow Issues

Appoint a Minister for Rainbow Issues

We note that on 29/06/2018 Tamati Coffey said during an interview on Newshub that he thought that there should be a “Minister in Government that's actually in charge of rainbow issues”.

We urge the Government to establish a position of Minister for Rainbow Issues.

Why is this important?

Appointing a Minister for Rainbow Issues would be a major step forward in establishing true equality for our LGBTI+ communities.

It would make New Zealand more inclusive of its diverse communities. It would make a clear statement to LGBTI+ people that they are being treated as the equals of other citizens and residents of this country.

It would streamline the way, in which LGBTI+ issues are handled by the Government and it would ensure that such matters are handled by a representative, in whom they may have confidence. It would enable such matters to be handled with competence and continuity and it would enable LGBTI+ people to see that this is so.

It would make it easier for the Government to consult with LGBTI+ communities. It would give transparency to the handling of LGBTI+ issues and it would demonstrate yet again that New Zealand is a world leader in social equality and fairness.

As an example the Government of the Australian Capital Territory has an Office for LGBTIQ Affairs.


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