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To: Hon. Phil Twyford and Hon. Julie Anne Genter (Ministers of Transport), Shane Ellison (CEO, Auckland Transport), and Phil Goff (Mayor of Auckland)

Add bikeways to light rail on Dominion Road!

Bike Auckland

We're asking for dedicated bikeways as part of the light rail project on Auckland’s Dominion Road – to transform the street into Aotearoa's greenest transport corridor, with congestion-free travel for all.

Why is this important?

Dominion Road is both a route AND a destination for people on bikes. Now, light rail is on the way – but with no clear plan for keeping bikes in the picture. That's a worry, because the potential is huge. So let's raise our voices to make it happen!

👧 Hundreds of people already bike along Dominion Road every day. Imagine thousands more of us on bikes. Kids biking to school. Residents going to the shops. Visitors and tourists exploring this iconic boulevard and the lively neighbourhoods along the route.

🚈 Light rail projects are a once-in-a-lifetime 'big dig", the perfect opportunity to future-proof major transport arteries. We won’t get another chance to do this for many decades. Cities around the world successfully combine light rail and bikeways to boost public transport AND bike travel. Auckland can, too!

🚲 Bikeways are the perfect combo with light rail. Everyone’s public transport journey starts and ends at a different point – and bikes expand easy access to stations from a few hundred metres on foot to a few kilometres on wheels.

🛍️ Bikeways on Dominion Road will bring more bike trips to and through the town centres, helping local shops thrive and grow.

♻️ Light rail is about creating car-free and carbon-free travel options for everyone along the route. Why compromise the environmental benefits of the project by leaving bikes out of the design?

✅ This is also a golden opportunity to solve the ‘Bike Bermuda Triangle’: the absence of safe north-south bike routes through the isthmus. Bridging this gap is as vital to a strategic bike network as Skypath.

📣 With tens of thousands of Aucklanders of all ages taking to cycling each year, adding great bikeways to light rail on this key route is smart, sustainable and strategic. This is a pivotal moment in the life of our city. Please join our call for bikeways as the key to making light rail truly transformational for Auckland!

Check out Bike Auckland's design suggestions here:

And see an overview of the light rail project here:

How it will be delivered

In person, en masse, by bike – of course!

Auckland, New Zealand

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