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To: NZ Parliament

End military funding in Aotearoa New Zealand

We call on the government to redirect all funding from the military establishment to social services, to investing in peace and conflict resolution capabilities and to keep a focus on civil defence operations in natural disasters in the Pacific region.

Why is this important?

Aotearoa New Zealand is internationally perceived as a safe and independent country. However with all our advantages we could be working much more effectively towards peace and conflict resolution in the world.

For a start we spend billions of dollars on military hardware, a lot more than on international peace keeping.[1] In this moment of economic insecurity reeling from the effects of covid-19 $1 billion was given to NZ Air Force hardware.[2]

Military funding is unethical and supports corporate profits invested in the deaths of civilians. [3,4]

The time is now ripe to reset and change New Zealand’s traditional military position. We ask you to consider making New Zealand Aotearoa a neutral, non-aligned country in order to become a world leader in conflict management and peace development internationally.

A change to a neutral, non-military stance would immediately increase our security.

We ask that all military funding is redirected to the ends of playing a peace-maker role in the world. This is urgent at a time of growing polarisation and fragile economic and social systems around the world. The funding can resource conversations about New Zealand's past and future role, training for people to gain the skills of conflict management, peace work and international aid.

There is also a lot of work we could be resourcing internally, to be able to build towards working internationally to end conflicts with integrity. New Zealand as a nation was founded on colonial principles and based on military force and we have a lot of work to do to as a nation to learn, and share our learnings with other nations with similar colonial pasts.

Just as Cuba is renowned for its skilled doctors helping in emergencies, New Zealand could become famous for its peace work.

Sign the petition for an end to military funding and investments in peace.

1. NZ military $20b shopping list: Planes, boats, soldiers, satellites and drones
2. Budget 2020: Defence spending locks in $1bn Air Force upgrade
3. US supplied bomb that killed 40 children on Yemen school bus
4. As defense industry prepares for downturn, Lockheed Martin reports strong first quarter

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