Save Our Public Healthcare

Save our public healthcare
of 3,000 signatures
across 20 local campaigns

Almost a decade of Government underfunding of our healthcare system means that today, our Health Budget is missing $1.85 billion in vital funds. Funds that could go toward nurses, equipment, beds and much more.

These funding cuts deprive health workers of the resources they need to care for their patients, and rob everyday New Zealanders of a first-rate healthcare system.

The worst part? The Government could afford to fund healthcare properly. They just choose not to.

New Zealand’s general government spending is $11 billion less per year than comparable developed countries.* Meaning that if the Government wanted to, they could afford to spend much more on health, and other areas, while remaining at or below average government spending for countries like ours.

Here’s the plan: $1.85 billion in additional health funding will take a serious re-prioritising in government spending, but if our movement can build grassroots popular community support for this, we can make health funding one of the key Election issues in 2017. But we have to start now.

We’ve set up 20 local campaigns - one for each DHB - in 20 different regions. The campaigns are being led by 20 local ActionStation members, and all 20 campaigns have petitions focused on pressuring local MPs to step up for our healthcare system.

Will you be part of it? Search for your local petition, sign it and share it today.

Together, we'll lay the foundations for a strong and secure healthcare system for all New Zealanders.

*All statistics pulled from: ‘Funding New Zealand’s public healthcare system: time for an honest appraisal and public debate’ in the New Zealand Medical Journal

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