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To: The Government of Aotearoa / New Zealand


As tangata whenua, we insist that our partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi:
1. Demand an immediate ceasefire and expel the Israeli Ambassador until that demand is met.
2. Impose economic sanctions targeting companies, assets and services involved with Israel's illegal war of aggression.
3. Recognise the State of Palestine as we recognized the Nation of Israel in 1949.
4. Demand an end to the occupation, blockade and continued confiscation of Palestinian lands.

Why is this important?

We're asking for Tangata whenua to sign the petition with your name, Iwi affiliations and occupation (optional). This petition will:
- Spread awareness of the genocide.
- Demonstrate that as iwi members, people and a united collective, we are in total opposition to genocide, apartheid and systemic colonisation of all indigenous peoples.
- Put pressure on our government to represent our values internationally.

For many of us, the effects of the genocide in Gaza are more acute. We grew up hearing stories, singing mōteatea, and listening to our people recall the ways they experienced harm as a result of colonisation. This intergenerational trauma is still a big part of our lives.

As Māori, we are often praised by other indigenous communities as leaders in the fight to decolonise. Our relationship with colonialism is fraught, but we also hold a unique position globally.

Now is the time for us to call on our partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to use their power to create change and end the harm of innocent civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and throughout Palestine.



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