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To: Whanganui District Council and Horizons Regional Council

Immediate and Permanent Ceasfire in Gaza

We, the undersigned residents of the Whanganui region, call upon our elected officials in the Whanganui District Council and the Horizons Regional Council; and our elected Member of Parliament, the Carl Bates; to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Why is this important?

We have a responsibility to the Palestinian and Israeli families living in this community who are impacted by these events. A community that upholds international law and human rights is a safer community for all.

The observance of human rights and the condemnation of acts that breach those rights, namely acts of violence and terror against civilians, is an important pillar of our democracy, enshrined in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.

Speaking up has moral and political weight.

These events impact our community well-being of Whanganui, especially when we see on a daily-basis through the media, families and young children exposed to extreme acts of violence. Having leaders who call out these atrocities and call for action is important and impacts our collective well-being.

Failure to call out acts of violence and terror against civilians is not a neutral position.

International law is persuasive and relevant to your decision making. New Zealand is a member state and is bound by UN resolutions. There are numerous resolutions that have been passed, the most recent being UN Security Council Resolution 2728 adopted on the 25th of March 2024 calling for a ceasefire.

There are a number of local bodies in Aotearoa/New Zealand and internationally who are calling for a ceasefire. The more voices that join this call the stronger it becomes.

This council has a strong track record of standing up for human rights and condemning acts of violence against civilians. Most recently, in March 2022, the Whanganui District Council voted unanimously to support a motion to condemn the Russian government and stand by the people of Ukraine.

Whanganui, New Zealand

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