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To: Hon Dr Megan Woods, Energy Minister

Tell the government: act for a safe climate future

Tell the government: act for a safe climate future

The Government has said they would stop new offshore oil and gas exploration. However they have now said oil giant OMV can have an extension of time to search for more oil wells.[1]

They are also considering changes to the law that will allow increased exploration onshore next to conservation land of Taranaki.

Send an email today to the Energy Minister Megan Woods to support the ending of all oil and gas exploration for a safe climate future.

Why is this important?

Last year Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called climate change our generation's ‘nuclear free moment’ - a moment in history when New Zealanders stood up to global powers and said ‘we will do what we consider right’.

It’s time to walk the talk. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report calls for ‘unprecedented changes’ to avoid the world warming more than 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial averages.[2]

As part of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming we must stop looking for more oil.

Email the Energy Minister Megan Woods today to:

🌏 fully support no new petroleum prospecting, exploration, and mining permits anywhere offshore with clear commitments to a timeline for phasing out the existing permits;
🌏 support a ban on extension of all petroleum mining permits, on and offshore, as they reach their expiry dates;
🌏 not support any new petroleum prospecting, exploration, and mining permits in onshore Taranaki or anywhere else in Aotearoa;
🌏 strongly object to allowing new or existing onshore petroleum permit holders to access conservation land for any petroleum associated activities, including minimum impact activities.

The oil industry is using all its lobbying power to pressure our elected representatives to keep our dependence on oil and gas. We need to act to support the government to take the necessary steps to move to a clean energy today.


1. OMV more time to drill in Great South Basin, Interest, 17 Oct 2018
2. IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels, The Guardian, 9 Oct 2018


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