To: My Food Bag

Tell My Food Bag to drop Talley's!

Tell My Food Bag to drop Talley's!

My Food Bag has pulled its support for the Chiefs – why won’t they ditch Talley’s too?

Customers of My Food Bag have been cancelling their orders because the company is refusing to switch from Talley’s to a produce supplier that treats its workers fairly. Last week, My Food Bag made a brave and commendable stand by dropping their sponsorship of the Chiefs after they abused a woman at a party, so why won’t they say loud and clear that they don’t support the unethical Talley’s?

Talley’s is a notoriously bad employer and has been in and out of the Employment Court over employment breaches and health and safety disasters for years. My Food Bag has so far responded to customer complaints by getting an Australian auditor to look into Talley’s and confirm they are a good employer. We believe the audit was a sham and there is no evidence that My Food Bag actually talked to the workers themselves.

Last year, Talley’s was fined over an accident that saw a worker impaled by a 10cm meat hook used to hold animal carcasses, hooking him by his ear, coming out under his eye, then dragged by the chains on the conveyor belt. Despite being in the wrong, Talley’s smeared the victim in court and in the press. In 2014, a worker was decapitated on one of Talley’s ships. Both of these accidents were preventable and occurred because of Talley’s lack of action around health and safety.

We know My Food Bag and its customers care about the treatment of workers because the company’s Approved Supplier Programme includes these two criteria: Fair worker remuneration, and labour rights; Suppliers operate an approved Health and Safety policy under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, or subsequent legislation.

So let’s make them see that Talley’s is not the kind of employer they want to be associated with!

Edit: My Food Bag is now saying they will perform a more thorough audit of Talley’s’ various work sites in New Zealand. We welcome the progress and are hopeful this will provide them with the proof they need to drop Talley’s from their Approved Supplier Programme, but we need to keep the pressure on by sharing this petition far and wide.'s-fined-$73,520-over-crewman's-decapitation

Why is this important?

As customers and/or supporters of My Food Bag, we want to know the fellow Kiwis who are working to produce the food in our bags are being treated fairly at work!

How it will be delivered

Our petition will be emailed to My Food Bag.

Reasons for signing

  • Talleys is a notoriously bad employer, and has been fined by courts for worker deaths and injuries. It's horrifying that My Food Bag sources some of its produce from Talley's. MFB needs to uphold human rights and labour rights.
  • Talley do not allow workers access to union support
  • As consumers we have choices. As a purchaser of goods and services, My Food Bag has choices. Choose respect for people above margins (Talleys don't but MFB can). JK


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