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To: The Minister for Education

Stop Online Charter Schools

Stop Online Charter Schools

Remove the amendment to the Education Act that will allow Charter Schools to operate in Communities of Online Learning.

Why is this important?

The facts out of the USA, where these schools have been widely implemented, show that these schools fail to deliver anything approaching quality education. Face to face time with teachers cannot be achieved with digital technology - at least not in a way that improves outcomes for our children.
Taking education funding from public schools to spend on a model that is proven not to work is poor policy making and a waste of taxpayer funds.

Reference the linked article, "Online Public Schools are a Colossal Disaster" from Salon magazine as evidence of this:

Reasons for signing

  • These type of schools have no place here.
  • Social skills are just as important as academic skills. There is nothing to be learned from a computer in this regard.
  • THe social development of a child is just as important as the educational development and on line schools will neglect this side of a childs education.


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