To: Jacinda Ardern, Leader of the Labour Party

Sign the open letter to Jacinda Ardern - we encourage you to be bold!

Sign the open letter to Jacinda Ardern - we encourage you to be bold!

Dear Jacinda,

Congratulations on your new role as leader of the Labour Party.

Listening to your first speech as leader yesterday we were heartened by your promise to be bold and aspirational with your policies.

We think that’s exactly what’s needed.

We understand you’re taking a couple of days to reassess the campaign and figure out your policy priorities. We’d like to take the chance to share with you some bold ideas we think should be on the table this election.

It’s awesome that you’ve already committed to make some of the changes we’ve campaigned for, including an inquiry into our mental health system, a boost to health funding, cracking down on tax cheats with a diverted profits tax, a clear commitment to ensure everyone can live in a warm dry home and doubling the refugee quota.

These are all really important and urgently needed.

Over the next month we’re pulling together our crowdsourced Te Ira Tāngata: People’s Agenda for Aotearoa which will set out aspirational goals for 2040 and some potential policy pathways to get there. We look forward to talking to you about them when we release it, but in the meantime here are a few more ideas we’d like to put on the table:

- A living wage for all workers
- A tax on wealth
- Committing to zero carbon by 2040
- Legalising cannabis
- Committing to the Fresh Water Rescue Plan
- Teaching Te Reo in all schools

We understand you’re pretty busy at the moment so we’ll leave it there for now and look forward to hearing your bold and aspirational policy announcements.

Why is this important?

When Jacinda Ardern took over as leader of the Labour Party on Tuesday 1 August she said she wanted to be bold and aspirational. She's taking 72 hours to reassess the campaign so now is our opportunity to put some bold ideas on the table.

Reasons for signing

  • I would say it should be blatantly obvious.
  • Children, water, Te Reo, pollution/environment. Sort out the rich old boys club!
  • I want Jacinda to have the best chance to be the leader I believe she can be. Helen Clark needs to be followed with another strong, socially minded woman. Jacinda is our best shot at changing the government of rich, white men!


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