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Save our Reserves

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Tsz Ho
Save our Reserves

We ask that the government not use parks, sports fields and public reserves for housing.

Selling New Zealand public green space is short-sighted, undemocratic and privatisation of the ‘commons’. Public reserves should not be used as commercial property.

Why is this important?

Valuable public open spaces are now under threat from this Government, which wants to carve up and sell our parks for housing developments.

Once it’s sold, it’s gone forever.

Save Our Reserves (SOR) emerged as a response to a proposed housing development on Point England Reserve, Auckland. We thought this reserve would be a reserve forever. It’s a wonderful open space with rural character, playing fields and endangered birds. However the Government plans to sell 11.69 hectares (28.88 acres) of the land to Ngāti Paoa (or other developers) for a housing development as part of their Treaty settlement. We support iwi in getting fair treaty settlement but do not agree to public reserves being used as commercial property.

We realise that this sets a dangerous precedent for other reserves, and have formed a group to help other communities who will face similar losses under this Government. This petition is a push back to say NO to housing on parks, sports fields and public reserves across New Zealand so communities don’t have to fight individual battles. We don’t want central government forcing local councils to rezone public open space for housing.

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Reasons for signing

  • why wouldnt you tho?
  • I now live in Brisbane but lived 20yrs in Pt England. The reserve in question played an important part in maximising the freedom, social interaction and enjoyment of the natural beauty afforded to me and all the families in the district. I believe this is as relevant now as it was all those years ago. I was in Auckland 2yrs ago and visited the Reserve. I was very impressed by the area and again reminded of the importance of maintaining green spaces such as this Reserve for future generations.
  • I grew up in that area . Let other kids do the same


2017-06-09 12:15:48 +1200

Okay, crazy is this? Nick Smith now wants to amend the Point England Bill to FORCE Auckland Council to create more sport fields (to make up for the ones he is stealing). In doing so, he will decimate the rest of the dotterel nesting spots. (oh, yeh, that's right - he is going to move those!) Check out this graphic....

Also don't forget to send an email to the Prime Minister to stop this craziness.

2017-05-30 10:04:18 +1200


2017-05-30 10:02:18 +1200

The Bill had it's second reading in the house last week where our local Member of Parliament Sam lotu-iiga basically said that the bill was a wonderful idea for our community and that the majority of people he spoke with supported it. We believe this is not the case and he is not representing our voice in parliament.

As a result the House voted as follows
Yes 62 : No 43
New Zealand National 58; Māori Party 2; ACT New Zealand 1; United Future 1.
No; 43
New Zealand Labour 31; New Zealand First 12.
The Greens abstained.

Next up it will go to committee stage before the whole house and then 3rd reading. So we are talking days before it is passed.

Possible Action you can take

Take action here
Contact your local media or post on Facebook and get everyone talking about this.


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