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Save Christchurch’s water, stop the water bottle exports

Save Christchurch’s water, stop the water bottle exports

Newshub has just revealed that a water bottling company has drilled a 170m deep bore hole into the pristine aquifer that supplies Christchurch’s drinking water.

The company, Cloud Ocean Water, plans to suck 1.6billion litres of water out of the aquifer each year, bottle it in a mega factory, and export it for private profit overseas.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Christchurch City Council warned that drilling the bore risks contaminating the drinking water for people living in the city.

It’s time we put people and our precious planet first and stop this private company profiting off our pristine water supply. Sign the petition.

We call on Environment Canterbury to immediately revoke the companies permission to suck up billions of litres of precious drinking water.

Why is this important?

Last year experts warned that levels in Christchurch’s aquifer were getting dangerously low - putting at risk the city's drinking water supply. We mustn’t let a private company drain the town supply and export it untaxed.

The company could earn $12m each day, or $4.3billion per year, off the public resource they pay nothing to use.

Sign the petition to stop the exports of our pristine water.

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Aotearoa Water Action are crowdfunding $40,000 to bring a case to court to stop the bottling. Support them here:

Reasons for signing

  • If we dont stop companies from taking our water dirt cheap and selling it, then we could completely lose control of our water
  • This is criminally irresponsible. It is theft from the people of Christchurch. It is a danger to the people of Christchurch. How could this permission have been granted?
  • NZ is not for sale


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