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To: The House of Representatives

End poverty in New Zealand by 2030

New Zealand has a goal to halve all poverty by 2030.

We call on Government leaders to increase their ambition, and work together to make a plan to end poverty in New Zealand by 2030.

Why is this important?

All parents want their children to do well but many kids won’t get the start they deserve because lots of families are over-stretched by things like rising rents.

Meanwhile, the rules of the New Zealand economy have been rigged in favour of the rich. This small minority of people now siphon off almost half of all wealth generated in this country.

It’s not fair, it’s not right, and the Government has the power to change it.

We know what it would take to turn around the lives of ten of thousands of families living in New Zealand who are living on the brink, and we have the resources to make it happen.

For example, we know that the Government loses up to $9 billion in revenue per year to tax dodging, evasion and fraud.

Imagine if that money was spent on a coordinated plan to eradicate poverty in this country for good.

We don’t need imagination for this to happen, what we need is political courage.

New Zealand already has a goal to halve all poverty by 2030.

We want our Government leaders to increase their ambition and work together to end poverty in New Zealand by 2030.


Further reading and references:

Economic crimes cost up to $9.4b, RNZ, 14th October 2014$9-point-4bn

The cost of economic crime, RNZ, 19th October 2014

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal: End Poverty

Key data from Child Poverty Monitor Report 2016:

* 14 per cent of children (155,000) are in households living without seven or more items - from a total list of 17 - considered necessary for their well-being.

* Eight per cent (or 85,000) are in even worse material hardship in households without nine or more items.

* 28 per cent (295,000) are in homes where money is tight and are considered to be in income poverty - up from 14 per cent in 1982.

Read the report here:

How it will be delivered

If we get more than 10,000 signatures on this petition, we'll deliver it to Parliament a few weeks before the 2017 Budget.

Parliament House, Molesworth Street, Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • because im studying child poverty in school
  • because im in an mun and we need to help the world lol and this is my country so ye
  • Because everyone should be able to be happy and not have to compare their lives to others


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