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To: Voters in Southland

Pledge your vote to candidates who care for our Invercargill disabled community

Pledge your vote to candidates who care for our Invercargill disabled community

Pledge not to vote for candidates in the upcoming local elections who refuse to vote against the proposed removal of the wastenet recycling contract for Southland disAbility Enterprises.

List of current councillors (who have indicated they will vote) against this contract not being placed back with Southland disAbility Enterprises:

(List will be updated regularly).

Why is this important?

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is people, it is people, it is people.

Invercargill's disabled community has many members who work for Southland disAbility Enterprises. The current recycling contract is 70% of the work, and losing the contract will put many vulnerable people in our community in a very difficult position.

The news that they were not the preferred contractor is very disappointing, and goes against the wishes of 15 thousand Southlanders who already signed a previous petition opposing this action by wastenet.

The last on the staff is devastating :

"The news came as a surprise to the family and employees who heard it.

Margaret Fitzgerald said the decision shouldn't come down to money - ''it's a social responsibility''.

Ms Fitzgerald, whose sister works on the current WasteNet contract, said losing the contract would have a huge impact.

''She has a purpose in life, she has a purpose to get out of bed every day, they all do ... this contract is everything for them.

''We're not going to give up; there's no way we're giving up now. Today is a very emotional day for us, but we'll fight.''

How it will be delivered

In person

Southland, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • These guys deserve to work like everyone else and they work so hard
  • Councils are better positioned than most to look at the bigger picture and support the value of keeping these great people employed.
  • City council, listen to your people!


2019-05-14 14:06:35 +1200

Councillor Toni Biddle is pushing to have this issue considered in a public forum, rather than publicly excluded:

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