To: Members of the New Zealand Parliament

Stop the 1080 drops on Coromandel Forests this winter

Stop the 1080 drops on Coromandel Forests this winter

We call for an immediate halt to the planned aerial 1080 drops by Department of Conservation over Te Moengahau o Tametekapua and surrounding forests of Te Whai o te Ika, the Coromandel Peninsula.

Why is this important?

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This is important because many local people believe that DoC is dismissing public resolutions and is sidestepping some Acts of Parliament.

The Department of Conservation has announced its intention to spread the manufactured poison 1080 over Te Moengahau o Tametekapua and surrounding forests of Te Whai o te Ika, the Coromandel Peninsula, during July to October 2017 (Hauraki Herald, 28 April).

Members of local hapu and local marae, landowners and local community groups, have not been consulted and have not been offered options for control. (1) For references and more information, see the Update Section or go to

Trapping is the community's preferred method. (2) Trapping complies with the statutes. (3)

Many in our community challenge the poisoning of Coromandel forests. (4)

Local people seek employment as trappers engaged to maintain biodiversity, as harvesters of possum fur and meat for local industry, as kaitiaki replanting berry-bearing trees and food forests.(5)

Bee keepers, practitioners of rongoa maori, pig hunters, possum fur and meat trappers, cannot garner a living from poisoned forests. (6)

Farmers and hunters have witnessed the prolonged suffering of poisoned animals.(7)

Local people feel they should have a right to safe food and water. Maori have a right to the guardianship of their taonga under the Treaty of the Waitangi Act,1975. (8)

Aerial 1080 kills randomly and inhumanely.(9)

How many ruru, karearea, kahu, and tuna will die from eating poisoned carcasses? How many native frogs will die from 1080 pollution? How many streams will carry poisoned baits and poisoned carcasses into water supplies? Does the 1080 dust affect the health of the forest biota? DoC does not know the answers to these questions.(10)

Where there is scientific uncertainty, caution must be exercised under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 .(11) We think that caution is being ignored by DoC when 1080 is dispersed aerially over forest ecosystems.

Guardianship of taonga, guaranteed under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, has been ignored.

The sentience of animals is recognised by the Animal Welfare Act 1999, but has been denied to animals classed as "pests". (12)

These are the reasons we are calling for a halt to the proposed 1080 drops this winter over Coromandel forests.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition on a full page in the local newpaper and then to all Members of Parliament.

Coromandel, Waikato, New Zealand

Reasons for signing

  • Enjoy pig hunting and don't want myself or my dogs to get secondary poisoning
  • Don't agree with using poison when there are other ways that create jobs such as traping so fur can be gathered and carcasses can be used 4 pet food .or more controlled poisoning that is specific in targeting pest such as bait stations and cyanide
  • If 1080 is safe then I'm the Pope


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Dear Supporters of this petition,
If you can spare a few dollars to help pay for the full-page ad expenses, that would be awesome . We are getting there - have raised $910 and the fundraiser closes in 4 days.
Many thanks !

2017-06-03 15:09:00 +1200

Big news, DoC's own 2016 research shows growing majority of NZers - 61% - think aerial pesticides are UNACCEPTABLE. A huge majority - 95% - prefer trapping. see for yourself - DoC’s 2016 survey on their web site --- see page 81
The tide is turning. The practice of aerial dispersal of Class 1a universal poison over forest ecosystems in so-called "clean, green " New Zealand, will one day be a thing of the past. Thanks for all your support!

2017-05-31 22:55:41 +1200

Thanks everyone for the support. Please share this petition with your friends. You can go to to read all the references and links that back up the statements made in the Open Letter.

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