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To: Minister of Transport, Michael Wood and Greater Wellington Regional Council

Implement Free Public Transport For Community Service Card Holders and Tertiary Students

Implement Free Public Transport For Community Service Card Holders and Tertiary Students

We call on the Minister of Transport, Michael Wood, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to work together to implement a free public transport trial for Community Service Card holders and tertiary students in the greater Wellington region at all hours.

We acknowledge there are limitations to capacity and operation of busses, therefore we are also calling for:
- National agreement on fair pay and conditions for bus drivers
- An increase in the capacity, accessibility, and frequency of bus services

Why is this important?

Right now the status quo is failing us, and the current state of public transport does not reflect the needs of our region, nor allows people to live with dignity and freedom of access.

The Greater Wellington Region is an increasingly unaffordable place to live and public transport is an exorbitant cost, particularly for students, and community service card holders.

Transport fosters a connection to our communities. It provides access to the city, community, work, and home. Public transport is a sustainable option for the climate because it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Affordable and accessible public transport is an essential tool that benefits all tertiary students and people who have community service cards. The current system does not provide the essential needs for our communities. Currently, we are having to forego basic necessities and services in order to be able to access public transport. Making public transport affordable through this trial would improve the lives of students and community service card holders and increase public transport usage

This trial would help the Greater Wellington Regional Council meet its climate change goals.The Climate Change Commission has advised that public transport fares be reduced in order to reduce our emissions. Electrified public transport and equitable fares are both needed to truly reduce the region’s carbon emissions. Not only would this trial help to achieve sustainable and equitable outcomes, but it would provide a powerful research tool for comparison to the Auckland trial.

We tautoko the efforts and advocacy of bus drivers in their fight for fair pay and adequate working conditions. We urge the government to listen to their calls for good working conditions and a fair wage.

Free public transport for Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) creates a fairer, freer and more connected region for everyone.

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Wellington, New Zealand

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Reasons for signing

  • studying full-time while working minimum wage part-time job don't allow me to afford public transport, always ended up walking even if it rains heavily
  • I'm a student and would definitely appreciate saving 25 dollars a week
  • Public transport is EXPENSIVE


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