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To: Parliament

Homes for all

Homes for all

We call on Parliament to ensure everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand has a safe, warm and healthy home by:

a. Building new state houses to increase the supply of affordable homes and end homelessness;

b. Safeguarding people from dodgy landlords through sensible protections for renters, including guaranteed minimum quality, protection against excessive rent increases, security of tenure and the ability to challenge landlords;

c. Getting the housing market back under control by cracking down on property speculation through a capital gains tax.

Why is this important?

Right now too many people are living precariously in rented homes that are making them sick. Families continue to live in cars, it’s due to be one of the coldest winters and people are freezing while sleeping on the street, in garages, or huddled up in overcrowded lounges. But together we can fix it.

Solving such a complex problem needs multiple solutions. After decades of neglect the Government is finally starting to get it’s hands back on the steering wheel to fix the housing crisis. With our support it can go further. Sign the petition so everyone can live in a stable home.


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