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To: Ministry of Youth Development and Ministry for the Environment

Please help make the "Climate Live New Zealand" charity festival happen!

Please help make the "Climate Live New Zealand" charity festival happen!

Dear Ministry of Youth Development and the Ministry for the Environment: We ask you to please sponsor Climate Live New Zealand!

The Climate Live New Zealand charity festival will hugely benefit our community but without your support Climate Live New Zealand won’t be able to go ahead and New Zealand won’t be a part of the Climate Live movement that’s going to change the lives of many people across the world in 2021 and positively impact the future of our planet.

Many people, groups and orgs from all across Aotearoa want Climate Live New Zealand to happen! Please help us make it happen!

Why is this important?

The climate movement is currently engaging a primarily young audience, as shown by the response to Fridays for Future and school strikes. However, it is still not mainstream enough to inspire the kind of action required to save our planet—action from individuals in their everyday lives, and governments around the world.

In order to engage a wider audience in the climate movement and educate people about the ecological challenges we face and encourage more people to take environmental action, New Zealand is participating in Climate Live: a movement that intends to hold simultaneous music events in over 40 countries in 2021 in the name of climate action. The concerts will be taking place on the 24th of April and 16th of October 2021. Climate Live is supported by global NGOs, music and event professionals and global media companies/outlets.

Climate Live NZ will be a charity concert featuring live performers, artists, and speakers and it will be taking place on the 16th of October 2021 in the Waikato. All profit will be donated to local charities and environmental organisations and will be spent on taking environmental action in New Zealand. We are asking for the government to support us financially in order for Climate Live NZ to be able to go ahead.

How it will benefit New Zealand and our community:
It will positively impact the lives of many people in our community and our environment by
1. Bringing people together in the name of climate action.
2. Educating and empowering people to take environmental action and live a more sustainable lifestyle.
3. Raising money (upwards of 100.000K) to support local non-profit organisations.
4. Giving a platform to our up and coming artists (including artists and speakers in our disadvantaged communities who may never otherwise have the chance) to showcase their talents and make their voices heard in front of an international audience.
5. With the support of Climate Live International, Climate Live New Zealand will be broadcasted across NZ and the World. Therefore, it will attract tourists to our country and show the world how much New Zealanders care about our planet.
6. Giving many of our young people involved industry experience in event management and also provide them with opportunities to connect with people, professionals and organisations around New Zealand and the world.
7. Giving people jobs.

!NOTE: We are going to have waste management strategies and systems in place for the concert (designed and coordinated by professionals) to keep the concert sustainable. On the concert day, there will be buses that will be taking people to the concert to reduce our carbon footprint!

Who we are:

A group of young people from around New Zealand who are being supported by several adults, groups and organisations like Oxfam New Zealand, Greenpeace New Zealand and Go Eco.

We cannot do this alone! We urgently need support from our government to be able to move forward in the project! If other countries can do it, we can do it, and if other countries do it we must also do it, for our community, people, organisations and country. It is our responsibility to use this opportunity that will change the lives of so many people and will positively impact the future of our planet.

Thank you for your support.


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