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To: John Gillespie, Head of News and Current Affairs, TVNZ

Email TVNZ to ask them to replace Mike Hosking

Email TVNZ to ask them to replace Mike Hosking

TVNZ, we ask you to reconsider your choice of Mike Hosking as the host for the upcoming election debates on August 31, September 14 and September 20.

Why is this important?

Over 80,000 of us signed one of two simultaneous petitions in the last week when we heard Mike Hosking would be the moderator for the upcoming election debates.[1]

Mike Hosking is over-opinionated, biased, polarising and unfit to be the moderator of the Election Debates. This election event is too important to be left to TV personalities with well-known political views.

When asked by media whether TVNZ would consider replacing Hosking, John Gillespie told Mediawatch no.

"I'm not prepared to reconsider at the moment. I'll keep an open mind and look at what the numbers are saying, but more than a million people tuned in to our election coverage last time. I'd expect that to be similar or maybe increase so I'd weigh any number against a million," he said.[2]

I believe if John knew the depth of our feelings and outrage that TVNZ is treating the Election Debate so casually he may be more open to reconsidering. TV ratings are not the aim for the 2017 Election Debates - the quality of debate, sharing of ideas, and openness to solutions is what's important.

I read many of your comments on my petition and I know you’re as outraged as I am - but to effect change, TVNZ needs to know that too.

The nationally televised election debates are widely viewed and have the potential to engage and influence a lot of voters. It is vital that media surrounding the election and debates is unbiased, and offers parties and their candidates fair opportunities to promote their policies.

Email John Gillespie, Head of News at TVNZ now to let him know you won’t be watching the Debates as long as Hosking is moderator, and encouraging others not to also.

You can also post a comment on TVNZ’s Facebook page here

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2 - Mediawatch

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