To: The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Denounce The Political Murders In Ethiopia

Denounce The Political Murders In Ethiopia

Dear Minister McCully,

We are writing in regards to the political unrest and human rights violation in Ethiopia under the current TPLF government. We present this petition as a call for your support to help bring peace, justice and democracy to the people of Ethiopia.

We urge you to help with the following:

- Encourage all donors and international partners to suspend their cooperation with the current TPLFgovernment/evil regime

- We ask the Prime Minister to denounce the killing of innocent civilians protesting against the government.

- We ask the government and people of New Zealand to raise awareness of the unfolding crisis in Ethiopia and halt any investments and partnership with the government

- Call on the Ethiopian military and federal police to stand with the people and refuse to take orders from TPLF to kill peaceful protesters and its civilians

- Support all protesters who struggle for freedom, equality, identity and self determination

- Ask you to encourage the UNHCR to intervene in evaluating the loss of lives, human right abuses and arrests caused by the popular protest.

We hope that you, the Prime Minister, and the people of New Zealand will stand by what is humanly right, support democracy and peace.

Why is this important?

For over two decades the government of Ethiopia has killed, tortured and violated the human rights of Amhara and Oromo majority in the country.

Ethiopia has suffered under this extreme oppressive regime, a government that has sought to systematically divide Ethiopia based on ethnicity, and has pursed an agenda of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Amhara and Oromo since 1990.

The government has detained, killed and tortured politicians, journalists, bloggers, and any individuals who oppose their regime.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Ethiopian government has killed an estimated 400 people, and injured thousands more since November 2015 for participating in protests in the Oromo region.
The people of Ethiopian want to be free from this dictatorship, they want to be able to express their opinions and live a life that’s free of fear.

Our brothers and sisters who are violated by this regime need us to fight this injustice act.
We call on New Zealanders of every race, ethnicity, and religion to help us stand up against the TPLF and be a voice for the voiceless, and protest and denounce their brutality.
New Zealand, Ethiopia needs you!

Read about why Olympian Feyisa Lilesa has risked his life to oppose the TPLF's merciless killings:

How it will be delivered

We aim to email the signatures to Minister McCully

Reasons for signing

  • Ethiopian people has suffered muss murders and ethnic cleansing for nearly 3 decades. I am affected and I feel the pain.


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We have organised a protest to show solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.
It will be taking place on Thursday the 25th at 11am - 2pm at Aotea Square.
We would love it if you could join us. Details here: