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To: Environment Canterbury

Dear ECan, please say no to the waste pipeline into our ocean

Dear ECan, please say no to the waste pipeline into our ocean

Dear ECan, we ask you urgently to decline the waste pipeline for Oceania Dairy which would discharge millions of litres of wastewater into the ocean every day.

UPDATE: This petition was delivered as part of a community submission on behalf of 6309 people in December 2019. Unfortunately, in September 2020, ECan granted all six consent applications to build the pipeline.

If you'd like to continue to support the protection of the Pacific Ocean and the South Island east coast, support Forest and Bird which is working towards a South-East Marine Reserve.

Why is this important?

Our wild oceans are places of beauty, the living spaces for countless animal species, and our places of recreation.

The Pacific Ocean is not a dumping ground.

A South Canterbury-based dairy company is applying for permission to build a 7.5 kilometre-long pipeline to discharge up to 10 million litres per day of wastewater into the Pacific Ocean just south of Timaru.

No business should be making profits at the expense of harm to Papatūānuku. Waste systems should be designed within the business and not externalised into the environment.

The proposed pipeline would take waste into an area proposed as a protected marine reserve. The South East Marine Protected Area (SEMPA) will stretch from Timaru to Southland and aims to protect the habitat of Hoiho (yellow eyed penguin – threatened, nationally endangered), kororā (little penguin – at risk, declining) and Hectors Dolphin (nationally vulnerable).

We ask ECan to reject this proposal and suggest Oceania Dairy uses the latest technology and best environmental practices to treat its waste on site.

You can also make a personal submission to ECan here:

Photo: Paul Kennedy

How it will be delivered

We will present this petition as a community submission as part of the application hearing.

Reasons for signing

  • I am hugely concerned about the risk to marine life if the pipeline goes ahead.
  • The oceans are our lifeblood, not our sewers. We need to deal with effluent on site.
  • We won't have a planet to live on if we keep treating it this way.


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