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To: The House of Representatives

Condemn the Trump Administration's Policy of Separating Families

Condemn the Trump Administration's Policy of Separating Families

On behalf of our country, please speak out against the current mistreatment of immigrant families in the United States.

Families are being separated because they dare to dream of a better future. This is happening as a result of the Trump administration, their policies and their rhetoric.

These actions need to be condemned. As a nation, we can lead the charge on this. Staying silent in the face of injustice is not an option.

Why is this important?

Since October 2017, at least 2700 children have been separated from their parents upon entering the United States. In some instances, these families have presented themselves for asylum - a legal means of entering the country. But even those who enter illegally do not deserve to be separated.

This is happening due to a policy to increase the prosecution of people seeking to immigrate. Parents are placed in immigration detention. There are rules against children being placed in immigration detention, so families become separated.

There is concern about the adequacy of the facilities the children are kept in and whether effort is being made to reunite families. The experience of being separated from their parents, in itself, also causes needless trauma for the children.

People seeking to enter the United States are often doing so to flee violence in their own country. This is not a decision they are making lightly. To be met with such inhumane treatment is unjust. These families just want a new chance at life - instead they are being separated and (literally) housed in cages.

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